14 iPhone and Android apps you’ll use over and over again

14 iPhone and Android apps you'll use over and over again

Before leaving the warmth of home, check out these weather apps that will let you know when thawing temperatures are on the way. USA TODAY There are two ways to look at your favorite app store: (1) Yay, there are so many apps! It’s a treasure trove of possibilities! (2) Ugh, there are so many apps. How could I ever wade through all the junk and find something useful? Whether you prefer the Apple App Store or Google Play, the sheer number of apps can excite and confound. Thousands of apps are free, and few cost more than a few dollars. But if you’re looking for the real diamonds in the rough – the apps that can ease your workload or enhance your leisure time – you can stop browsing and check out this list. These 14 apps cover the gamut of uses, from entertainment to clerical duties to the public good. They’re expertly designed, and each has the potential to become a personal game-changer. From Subarus to Chevys to Lexus: These car models are so hot they’re flying off car dealers’ lots 1. Make objects disappear from your photos This first app is specific to iPhones, and it’s excellent for taking spectacular photos, especially when you travel, and you want to capture photos without a bunch of strangers in the background. Say you’re in Times Square in New York, and you want the lights and the buildings in your shot, but you don’t want traffic. Spectre Camera app for iPhones works like a long-exposure shutter on a camera. It holds the shutter open, so cars, people and moving objects are nearly invisible. The best thing about the app is it doesn’t require a tripod for the long-exposure shutter. It’s $2.99 in Apple’s store. Whether you prefer the Apple App Store or Google Play, the sheer number of apps can excite and confound. 2. Manage your travel documents with one app Speaking of travel, the app Google Trips organizes your scheduling, confirmation numbers, and other details. The magic of Google Trip is that it integrates Gmail and Inbox, so you can keep your travel information in one place. Trips also helps you figure out what to do at your destination, with half-day and full-day suggestions. This feature can replace the cumbersome travel guide with tailor-made lists of activities. You can also tell Google Trips (in Google Play and the App Store ) about the types of things you enjoy doing. You might be a museum-goer, or maybe you prefer the beach or both – Google Trips will help you find those places. Hacks you can use: 10 tech tips for Google, Instagram and Facebook to get your digital life in order 3. Skip the customs line One more incredibly useful travel app , especially if you travel internationally, is Mobile Passport. I have been recommending it for years, and I still get people thanking me all the time for saving them time and hassles. Passports are your key to […]

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