6 Smart Home Gadgets That Are Actually Worth Owning

6 Smart Home Gadgets That Are Actually Worth Owning

Disclosure: Our goal is to feature products and services that we think you’ll find interesting and useful. If you purchase them, Entrepreneur may get a small share of the revenue from the sale from our commerce partners. Over the past few years, smart home products have dominated the gadget space, with goods ranging from innovative updates to the items we currently rely on daily (think smart TVs and kitchen appliances) to the emergence of new technology that has drastically changed how we operate at home, such as voice-assistants. Like any tech product, some smart home devices are better than others. While you may not find a ton of use in a smart-enabled egg tray, which sends you push notifications if your ingredients are on the verge of expiring, you likely will find yourself happy that you invested in a thermostat that can regulate the temperature inside your home when you’re away (thus, saving you money). Ring Video Doorbell Image credit: Amazon It’s estimated that over a third of Americans have had packages stolen from outside of their homes at least once — a number we can only expect to rise as online shopping becomes more and more prevalent. One way homeowners and renters can better protect themselves against theft is by investing in the Ring Video Doorbell . This device allows users to see, hear, and speak to those on the other side of their front door through any smart device. Additionally, it provides a 24/7 video feed, where users can get a live view and record videos of any actions that happen outside their home. While the camera alone may not stop thieves dead in their tracks, you will have video proof to give to local authorities to help ensure it doesn’t happen more than once. Google Home Smart Speaker Image credit: Target Ever had the urge to Google something, but find yourself not within arm’s reach of your computer or smart device? Just simply ask Google with a Google Home , a voice-controlled assistant that can answer your burning questions. More than that, the Google Home can also set timers, read you the news, play your favorite music, tell you the current weather forecast, and call friends and family. Get the Google Home for $79.99 . Roku Streaming Stick+ Image credit: Amazon Many TV models on the market now have smart capabilities, which allow viewers to stream their favorite online content from the likes of Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, and Amazon Prime directly to their screen. That’s all well and good if you’re currently in the market for a smart TV, but if you don’t have the means to invest a brand new screen, the Roku Streaming Stick+ provides users the same smart streaming capabilities but without the need to invest in a brand new entertainment setup. Simply plug the device into your existing television, sync it to your home’s WiFi and you’ll soon be able to watch all of your favorite online content without needing to screen […]

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