8 of the Galaxy Note 10’s best hidden features

8 of the Galaxy Note 10's best hidden features

The Note 10 Plus has a lot more going for it than just looks. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 Plus is a stellar device (we’re currently reviewing the smaller Note 10). From long battery life to an amazing display to new S Pen tricks — there’s a lot to like about Samsung’s latest phone. After you get your phone, there’s plenty to learn. For example, taking a screenshot and turning the Note 10 phones off work differently than on past Galaxy devices, and the camera has plenty of new tricks itself. But there are also some hidden features that can take your Note 10 to the next level. Whether it’s recording your screen, complete with the ability to include your voice, or enabling raise to wake so your screen’s always on when you need it, there’s plenty your phone can do that may not be all that obvious at first. Use raise to wake Pushing a button to wake up your phone’s screen isn’t exactly a laborious task, but it’s one that’s unnecessary. Use the Note 10’s Lift to wake feature to have your phone always at the ready whenever you pick it up. Open the Settings app and go to Advanced features > Motions and gestures and turn on Lift to wake . Going forward, whenever you pick up your phone, the screen will wake and you’ll see your pending notifications right away. Raise to wake — also called lift to wake — is a subtle, but useful feature. Always-on display on… all the time. Out of the box, the Note 10’s always-on display (AOD) feature isn’t, well, always on. You actually have to tap the screen to use it. That’s… kind of pointless? If you go to Settings > Lock screen > Always-on display to set a schedule, show at all times, or leave it on tap to show. Combine having AOD on at all times with lift to wake turned on and your phone will always be at the ready. An always-on display should always be on, right? A different way to access lock screen shortcuts The lock screen has two app icons that act as shortcuts to open said apps. By default, those apps are the camera and phone apps. Not only can you change which apps are available, but you can even change where the shortcuts are displayed. Open Settings > Lock screen > App shortcuts and select Floating button if you’d rather have the app icons show up next to the fingerprint sensor when you long-press on it. Just below the layout section, you’ll find the option to change the left and right shortcut. For those who want something a little different. If you opt for the floating button setting, you only need to place your finger on the sensor and leave it there. After a second or so, the app icon’s will show up; drag your finger to whichever app you want to open and lift up. I’ve found this shortcut only works […]

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