8 smart gadgets that will transform your garden this year

8 smart gadgets that will transform your garden this year

As the snow begins to melt away, you may be thinking about planting a garden in your backyard. While you’ll still need all of the outdoor essentials like gardening gloves and string trimmers to prep your outdoor garden space, there are a few tech gadgets that can help make planting a feast of vegetables and herbs in your yard a little easier. 1. The best outdoor camera to watch your garden grow Credit: Reviewed.com / Ben Keough / Getty / cjp With the Nest Outdoor Cam, you can check in on your garden from anywhere. With our favorite outdoor security camera , the Nest Cam Outdoor , you can check in on your garden from anywhere. With a Nest Aware subscription, you can review and share video clips of your hard work, watch for pesky critters who want to eat your garden for lunch, and even create a time-lapse video of your garden taking shape. 2. The best Echo speaker to help you care for your garden Credit: Amazon The Echo (third-generation) can help you set reminders to check in on your garden and give you gardening tips. Gardens require regular care in order to keep plants in tip-top shape. While you probably won’t forget to check in on your garden every so often, our favorite Echo speaker , the Echo (third-generation), can help you remember to do basic gardening tasks like watering and pulling weeds. For example, to set a reminder say, “Alexa, remind me every day at 3 p.m. to water my garden.” And if you’re new to gardening, Alexa can give you step-by-step tips to create your first garden when you enable the Beginners Gardening skill . 3. The best smart sprinkler system so you never forget to water your plants Credit: Reviewed / Flo Ion The second-generation Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller offers a ton of easy-to-use options and isn’t intimidating to install. Watering your lawn and garden doesn’t have to be a headache with the help of the best smart sprinkler controller . The Rachio 3 comes with an impressive list of features to customize your watering schedule. It has Weather Intelligence, which enables the ability to automatically skip a session if rain or excessive wind is underway; and Smart Cycle, which splits watering times into shorter, more frequent cycles to prevent runoff. You can also use your Amazon Echo (third-generation) speaker to control the Rachio 3 by saying commands like, “Alexa, ask Rachio to stop watering.” Or, if your garden is in a specific watering zone of your yard, you can say, “Alexa, water zone number {zoneNumber} for {runtimeDuration}.” 4. A weed-eating robot to maintain your garden so you don’t have to do it yourself Credit: Reviewed / Sarah Kovac The Tertill is most at home in a small garden bed. If picking weeds is one of your most dreaded outside chores, then consider handing letting a robot do the work for you. Much like a robot vacuum , the Tertill weed-eating-robot moves […]

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