Best smart displays 2020: which screens are worth your while?

Best smart displays 2020: which screens are worth your while?

The best smart displays offer a wondrous fusion of smart home and screen technologies. Unlike more pedestrian smart speakers – which usually require voice commands to interact with – a smart display gives you a visual way to access its reams of information, apps, and services, usually with a fair amount of the audio and voice assistant advantages of a smart speaker baked into it too. Their screens allow for all sorts of capabilities, such as looking up the weather, looking up your calendar, watching song lyrics play onscreen alongside music streaming services, or simply using them as a digital photo frame for family snapshots. We’ve come a long way in the past few years, too, with smart displays from such industry heavyweights as Google and Amazon, as well as Lenovo and Facebook (but more on that later). It can make sense to go for devices that support the same operating system or voice assistant – such as Alexa , Google Assistant , or Siri – so if you’re already set up with a number of Amazon Echo or Google Home speakers, you may want to specifically check out their smart display equivalents in this list. In this guide, we’ve run through the very best smart displays available to buy in 2020, to make sure that, if you’re after some screen-enhanced smart features in your home, you’re making the best decision for your needs. Amazon Echo vs Google Home : which is the smart speaker for you? Best smart displays at a glance: Best overall: Google Nest Hub Max Best Alexa display: Echo Show (2nd Gen) Best for bedside: Lenovo Smart Clock Best for privacy: Echo Show 5 1. Google Nest Hub Max The Google Nest Hub Max is a curious creation: the continuation of the Google Home smart display range, but one subsumed within the Nest smart home device family instead. Unlike the Google Home Hub, the Nest Hub Max comes with a front-facing 6.5MP camera, and a truly sleek design – mounting the display on a slanted speaker stand that lifts it that little bit closer to eye-level. The audio is much better than you’d get with the average tablet or iPad, and the 10-inch screen offers a notable upgrade to the Google Home Hub’s 7-inch display. The 1280 x 800 resolution may not sound like much, in a world of 4K TVs and 1920 x 1080 PCs, but it’s plenty of pixels for the relative size of the Nest Hub Max’s screen. You can even use the display as a makeshift security camera, allowing it to record clips of movement in the room around it and adding even more value for money. It’s a clear sign of Google’s ambitions for its smart displays, as devices that act as a portal for all the smart gadgets in your home, rather than simply smart speakers with a screen stuck onto them. The Nest Hub Max isn’t perfect, certainly: there’s no Netflix support, which really needs sorting out, and […]

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