August Smart Lock

August Smart Locks

August Smart Lock is a secure, key-less entry system that you may use with your smartphone. Unleash the smart lock’s full potential! Have you ever misplaced or forgotten your keys? I’m curious if you closed the door when you left. Or would you rather drive all the way home only to let someone in? August Smart Locks make getting into your house a breeze. To unlock/lock your door, provide guest access, monitor who came and went, and let anyone in from anywhere, use our top-rated app. Simply attaches to your current deadbolt on the inside of your door; your outside door lock remains unchanged, and your existing keys are retained.


Getting in and out of your home has never been more convenient, secure, or smart than it is now, thanks to innovations like key-less access. Auto-Lock + Auto-Unlock is a feature that automatically locks and unlocks your phone. Set it to lock automatically when you leave – either right away or up to 30 minutes later. When you arrive, Auto-Unlock identifies you and unlocks the door as you approach. Don’t worry about juggling your keys when your hands are full of baggage, bikes, or groceries.

Complete Command

Your key is now your smartphone or Apple Watch. With a simple tap, you can lock and open your door. August is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. From the convenience of your smartphone, you can lock and unlock your door from anywhere.

Access From Afar

From anywhere, you can operate your door lock. From anywhere, you can lock, unlock, and check the status of your door lock. Never be concerned about your delivery being left on the porch or your folks being stranded outdoors waiting for you to return.

Guest Keys

Allow guests access for minutes, hours, days, or weeks with the August app. Create a recurring access or a one-time access. Allow people you trust to come and go from your home, such as babysitters, dog walkers, house cleaners, or extended family. There are no more duplicate keys floating around. Wi-Fi Bridge is required to connect.

Wi-Fi Bridge For Remote Access

All August Smart Locks are Bluetooth-enabled for key-less entry, however remote access and voice speaker integrations require a separate Wi-Fi bridge.


You may rest confident that you’ll always know what’s going on at your front door. Who opened and closed the door, and when. When your door lock is both locked and closed, August’s patented DoorSense technology alerts you. As a result, you can rest easy knowing that your door is both locked and closed. You may also see when your door was physically opened or closed by looking at your activity feed.

Activity Feed

With the Activity Feed, you can see who comes and goes. Check to see who opened the door and when it was unlocked. Set up notifications to be notified when certain folks return home. If you suspect suspicious activity, double-check that your visiting friend got in, find out how long the landlord was there, and see who’s been inside.

Two-Factor Authentication

August goods give an extra layer of protection by requesting users to confirm their identity with a second form, such as an email address or a phone number.

Encryption using two layers

August Smart Locks encrypt your data transmissions with AES 128 bit and TLS encryption, which is equivalent to bank-grade security.

Lost Phone Feature

If you misplace your phone, you can use to quickly and easily disable your August app and all virtual keys on any of your related devices.

Access Controlled via Biometrics

Enable fingerprint or facial verification on your smartphone to unlock and lock your door. Ensure your front entrance is always safe and secure with extra peace of mind.

Smart Home Devices

Integrates seamlessly with your existing smart home. August Smart Lock is simple to incorporate into your smart home. August collaborates with smart home industry leaders to ensure that everything works together. To use voice commands to lock, open, and check the status of your door, pair the Smart Lock with Alexa or Google Assistant.

Installation & Compatibility of Smart Lock

Installation of the August Smart Lock takes less than 10 minutes. Simply replace your old deadbolt on the inside of your door. You can keep your existing deadbolt and keys if you leave your outside lock alone. Most single cylinder deadbolts are compatible with all August Smart Locks.