Best Smart LED Light Bulbs for Dark Spaces in 2020: Highest Lumens

Best Smart LED Light Bulbs for Dark Spaces in 2020: Highest Lumens

Source: Chris Wedel/Android Central When times get dark, we need a bright light to see our way out — and a smart LED light makes it that much better. A high lumen (unit for measuring the quantity of light) bulb can do the trick in a small or large room. Adding in some smarts to that bulb gives it flexibility for more situations, whether you want a standard A19 E26 bulb or the BR30 for recessed lighting. The Feit Electric OM100 is our top pick for its incredibly high lumen rating and hubless smart controls, which means it only needs Wi-Fi and your phone to control. Best Overall: Runner-up: Best Budget: Best BR30 Style: Runner-up BR30: Best Overall Standard Style (Hub): Runner-up (Hub): Best Overall: Feit Electric OM100 – RGBW Source: Feit Electric While Feit Electric may not be the well known smart bulbs, but it’s been innovating and creating high-quality lighting solutions since 1978 — and the OM100 RGBW bulb continues that trend. This Wi-Fi-enabled smart LED bulb has a peak output of 1,600 lumens, which is equal to a traditional 100W incandescent bulb — that’s some serious light. You’ll get a tunable white with a color temperature range from 2700K soft white to 6500K daylight, along with millions of RGB colors to pick from. Feit Electric not only created an ultra-bright LED bulb here, but it also made it so that integration with Alexa, SmartThings, and Google Assistant is a snap. The inclusion of 2.4GHz Wi-Fi means all you need is to connect it to your Wi-Fi, and you’re up and running. Feit Electric also has an app that is compatible with iOS and Android, so if you don’t have a smart speaker or prefer not to use voice commands, you have that option. Within the app, you can set the brightness of your bulb(s) as well as tune the colors. There are also some scenes and schedules that you can configure to automate your lighting. This bulb’s connectivity features allow you to take full advantage of its very high brightness to illuminate your darkest spaces best. It’s so bright Feit Electric OM100 is the brightest LED smart bulb that is also hubless. Meaning you all you need is Wi-Fi to get it just right. Source: Novostella Novostella’s 13W standard smart bulb may have landed in second place due to its lower lumen count, but it still has plenty of great features. At 1300LM, it also has plenty of light to brighten up most spaces quite well. It utilizes an RGBCW LED array to net you a tunable white color range from 2700K to 6500K, while still garnering 16 million colors of fun as well. By using specific warm and cool white LEDs, Novostella’s bulb produces some of the most accurate white ranges of all the bulbs on this list. In terms of smarts, Novostella included 2.4GHz Wi-Fi so you can use the bulb with an Android or iOS app without the need for separate hardware. Through […]

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