Fujifilm reveals X-A7 with improved AF, 4K/30p video and $700 price tag

Fujifilm reveals X-A7 with improved AF, 4K/30p video and $700 price tag

Fujifilm has announced the X-A7, an entry-level mirrorless camera with some key improvements over its X-A5 predecessor. A new 24MP sensor offers 8.5 times more phase detection autofocus points than the previous model, and includes 4K/30p video recording – a welcome upgrade over the X-A5’s 4K/15p. Burst shooting remains at 6 fps.

The X-A7 offers a fully articulated, ultra-high-res 3.5″ touch screen LCD, which is the primary means of interacting with camera controls, as the camera offers only a few physical controls on the back panel. The camera with kit lens attached weighs just 455g (1lb) altogether.

Other new offerings include an update to Fujifilm’s auto scene recognition mode called Bright Mode, which utilizes HDR and other camera settings to create brighter, more vivid images with little user input.

The Fujifilm X-A7 will be available October 24th kitted with a Fujinon XC 15-45mm F3.5-5.6 OIS PZ lens for $700. Shaking things up a bit, Fujifilm will offer the camera body in dark silver, ‘camel’, mint green and silver color options. A ‘navy’ color will also be available in some regions. FUJIFILM INTRODUCES THE X-A7 MIRRORLESS CAMERA WITH LENS KIT – COMPACT SIZE, BIG FEATURES

Valhalla, N.Y., September 12, 2019 – The Electronic Imaging Division of FUJIFILM North America Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of its X-A7 mirrorless digital camera, available in a kit that includes a popular XC15-45mmF3.5-5.6 OIS PZ lens. The X-A7’s compact, lightweight form factor, outstanding image quality, and multitude of new and enhanced features position it as an ideal and timely entry into Fujifilm’s popular family of X Series mirrorless cameras.

Weighing in at only 11.3 ounces (320 grams)*1 and boasting a new 24.2MP imaging sensor, the X-A7’s fast auto-focus, quick face detection, and enough power to create stills at 6 FPS, the X-A7 is the ideal camera for content creators of all skill levels and disciplines. Its intuitive LCD articulating touch screen enables users to capture the perfect image on-the-go. The vari-angle touchscreen allows the monitor to be rotated in various angles freely. Moreover, the newly-designed “Smart Menu” facilitates intuitive touchscreen operation, so that even beginners can produce high-quality images easily.

Touch Your Way to the Perfect Image
Create great images with X-A7’s intuitive 3.5 inch, 16:9 touchscreen LCD flip-out articulating screen. With a quick touch, tap or swipe, users can adjust the brightness, film simulation, bokeh and even skin softening effects.

Incredible Image Quality for Any Situation
The newly developed 24.2MP imaging sensor features sensor features 8.5 times more phase detection pixels across its surface than the previously available sensor*2. The X- A7 has been engineered with industry-leading copper wiring to reduce digital noise, to ensure images and video are processed quickly and to ensure the best possible image quality. The X-A7 offers enhanced data readout speed which enables a smooth frame rate of 30fps when recording 4K video, minimizing the rolling shutter effect which typically occurs when recording fast -moving subjects or when panning the camera quickly.

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