Cubo Ai Plus smart baby monitor review: An adorable option that could use more smarts

Useful alert settings for both newborns and toddlers Charming design No visible red light Settings in app are easy to change Sleep analytics summary lacks video Finding key moments in video is time consuming The floor stand is wobbly Temperature dongle is easy to lose Camera Range: 135-inch wide angle lens Handheld Monitor: N/A Mobile App: Android, iOS Temp and Humidity settings: Yes/Yes Video Recording: Yes- 18 hours Subscription: Free for one year with Cubo AI Plus, then premium subscription $7.99 month/$79.99 a year The Cubo Ai Plus smart baby monitor appeals to the obsessive nesting instinct of new parents while also serving as an antidote to those early, anxiety-filled days of parenting. The baby monitor comes with an AI feature that can spot a covered face, or alert your phone when a baby rolls over (a setting you’d only use if a baby is too young to roll back). Once your baby grows some, a climbing, curious baby venturing onto the edge of its crib could be scooped up once the Cubo Ai Plus’ danger zone setting gets triggered. That feature alone makes it a go-to monitor for families using side sleeper cribs or co-sleeping. The Cubo Ai Plus houses its camera in a white-and-wood toned bird that blends right into a thoughtfully designed baby room; it can also perch prettily on a parent’s bedside table on an included mobile dock, should parents following the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) advice to room share for at least the first six months. But while it carries similar features to many of the best baby monitors out there, the Cubo Ai Plus and its companion app don’t seem quite as ready for the mainstream. Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor at Amazon for $299 Cubo Ai Plus review: Price The Cubo Ai Plus comes in two different versions. The $199 version features a wall-mount set that allows you to position the camera for a birds eye view over your baby’s crib. A $299 edition offers a three-stand set with options for attaching the camera to a floor base, the crib itself or a mobile stand. We tested the latter version. Regardless of which version you choose, the Cubo Ai Plus includes a free year of Cubo Ai Care Premium. This subscription service offers 30 days of sleep tracking and analysis plus an age-based moments wall. (The standard Cubo Ai Care service limits those two features to just a day and 10 days, respectively.) You’re also able to view and download alert videos and 18-hours of video playback with a premium subscription; the standard service only lets you view that footage. Cubo Ai Plus review: Design The bird design of the Cubo Ai Plus looks exactly like the kind of adorable tech you’d want in your baby’s room. It’s 3.4 X 4.2 X 4.3 inches, roughly the size of a can of food; and is mostly white with just a small light wood-grain center, which houses the camera. (Image credit: Tom’s […]

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