35mm Tubular Motor Roller Blinds Shutter Motor 110V 220V Electirc Smart Wifi Curtain Motorized Rolling Blinds Tuya Smart Home


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  • Brand Name: YIDIELE
  • is_customized: Yes
  • Rolling Speed: 17rpm
  • Wattage: 139W
  • Voltage: 110-240V
  • Model Number: FT35S-10/17
  • Items: Toublar Motor Curtain Switch
  • Item No.: FT35S-10/17 or FT25S
  • Tube Diameter: 35mm
  • L1/L2 Length: 445/432mm
  • Working Voltage: AC110 or AC 230V(60/50Hz)
  • Rated Power Input: 139W
  • Rated Current: 0.60A
  • Rated Torque: 10N.m
  • Rated Speed: 17rpm
  • Running Time: 4min
  • Max Number of Turns: 37Turn
  • Voice Control: Amazon Alexa Echo/Google home
  • App: Smart life/Tuya


Automatic 35mm Smart Tubular Motor Roller Shade Blinds AC 110V 220V Electric Curtain Motor with Wireless Remote Control Smart Curtain Switch Smart Life Tuya App Remote Voice Control Alexa Google Home



1. The Smart Curtain Switch is necessary to work with the tubular motor together to realize the automation and intelligent control to your house curtains. If you need to control the roller blind shutter motor smartly, buy the Smart Curtain Switch Together.

2. Pleace Check the Size of your Driving Tube and leave message of the type number while place the order. Then We will ship you the right part for mounting. If any question, contact with us.

3. If need the Aluminum Driving Tube, Wall Bracket and Idler, click the photo to buy.


4. The different between EU Switch 1 & EU Switch 2:

— Switch 2 have WIFI and RF433 function. Can be controlled both by Smart phone APP and RF433 Controller ( Controller is not included. If need the controller, contact with us)
— Switch 1 only have WIFI Function, and can only be controlled by Smart phone APP.


Click photo below to Buy the Aluminum Driving Tube



Click photo below to Buy Wall Bracket, Idler and other parts needed

Wall Bracket #2 Drive Adap[ter Motor Bracket #2 Ider

Installation Method

A. Motorized Roller Blinds

1. Tubular Motor 2. Wall Bracket (can buy in our shop) 3. Motor Bracket (included)
4. Driving Tube (can buy in our shop) 5. Fabric (not included) 6. Drive Adapter (included)
7. Idler Bracket (can buy in our shop) 8. Idler ( can buy in our shop) 9. Button Beam (not included)



B. Motorized Venetian Blinds


1. Drive Adapter (included) 2. Tubular Motor 3. Motor Bracket (included) 4. Driving Tube (can buy in our shop)
5. Wall Bracket ( can buy) 6. Venetian Blinds (not included) 7. Idler Bracket (need to buy) 8. Idler ( need to buy)
9. Shell (not included) 10 Ropewinder (not included)    


Item Name: Smart Tubular Curtain Blinds Motor with wifi Smart Switch
Item No.: FS35S-10/17
Tube Diameter: 35mm
L1/L2 Length: 445mm/ 432mm
Working Voltage: AC110V or AC230V (60/50Hz)
Rated Power Input: 139W
Rated Current: 0.6A
Rated Torque: 10N.m
Rated Speed: 17rpm
Running Time: 4 minutes
Max Turns Number: 37 Turn
Smart Control App: Smart Life/ Tuya

Voice Control: with Amazon Alexa Echo/ Google Home
With the powerful functional smart curtain switch, the roller blinding shutter curtain tubular motor is able to intelligently control the connected devices to realize automation
[Wide Application]
AC Tubular Motor is powerful enough to work with various motorized roller blinds, roller shutter, venetian blinds, and even motorized clothes pole. The motor is really a unique design that owns plenty of needed functions for our smart house, bring much more convenience and irreplaceable value to our smart lifestyle.

[Easy DIY Installation] 
No installers or a degree in rocket-science required. Easily install and setup AC Tubular Motor in minutes. Directly connect the motor to smart curtain switch with 4 wires to attain the normal operation.

[Hands-Free Voice Control] 
Connect the Smart Curtain Switch with Amazon Alexa or Google Home for voice control to the motor. Bring your smart life with much more convenience.

[APP Remote Control]
Download “Smart Life”  or “Tyya” APP in your smart phone to control the electric curtain system wirelessly with Wi-Fi or 4G network wherever you are. No hub  required. (Compatible with Android&iOS)

[Share Device]
Share key to your family, many APPS control one Automatic Curtain System. Or one App control many smart curtain switch.
[Timing scheduled]
Can be scheduled in the app to automatically control the custain motor according to your day. 
Tubular Motor*1+Smart Curtain Switch (If choosed) +Crown*1+ Drive Adapter*1 + Motor Bracket*1 + Basic Kit*1set + English Manuel*1

Multi-Control with Smart Curtain Switch
Working Together with smart curtain switch ensures the various built-in functions from the switch to intelligently control the tubular motor

Timer Group Touch 2.4GHZ WIFI Sharing Voice Control APP Control

Wide Application

Wireless Remote Control
Take full control of home curtains anytime from anywhere
Working well with smart curtain switch

Hands-Free Voice Control
Voice control via Google Home or Amazon Alexa

Family Sharing
Share smart curtain switch to family members to share the convenience together
Support one mobile phone to control multiple devices or multiple mobiles phoes to control one device

wifi shutter switch



Wiring Way

AC 230V /50HZ AC 120V /60HZ
Brown – Direction 1 – L1
Blue – Neutral – N
Black – Direction 2 – L2
Yellow & Green – Earth – E
Black – Direction 1 – L1
Red – Direction 2 – L2
White – Neutral – N
Green – Earth -E





Easy DIY Installation

Work with roller curtain motor with 4 wires


Step1: Connect the curtain wires to wall switch as guide
            Brown – Direction 1  |   Blue – Neutral  |  Black – Direction 2  |  Yellow & Green – Earth


Step2: Remove the panel with screwdriver


Step3: Put the switch into switch box in wall
Install the glass panel




Check Tube Diameter and Leave Message While Place Order

No. Tube Crown Drive Adapter Idler


No Crown




#1 Crown

#1 Drive Adapter

#1 Idler
No Crown
  #2 Drive Adapter #2 Idler
#3 Crown #3 Drive Adapter #3 Idler
#4 Crown #4 Drive Adpater #4 Idler




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Additional information


Motor and EU Switch1, Motor and EU Switch2, Motor and US Switch, Motor only no switch

Track Length

220-240V, 90-130V