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Lock and unlock your door, grant keyless access and keep track of who comes and goes, all from the August app, from anywhere

August Connect Wi Fi Bridge included so you get voice integration and remote access right out of the box

Keep your existing lock and keys. Simply attaches to your existing deadbolt on the inside of your door. Install in under 10 minutes with just a screwdriver

Only August has Door Sense, a sensor that tells you if your door is securely closed or left opened

Unlocks automatically as you arrive. Never fumble for keys, shopping, bags or kids when unlocking the door agaInches auto lock can be timed to lock as the door closes

Add an August Smart Keypad for secure key-code entry to your lock. Sold separately

Biometric Verification Opt in to use your smartphone’s fingerprint or facial recognition as an added security verification before operating your lock remotely.

Add an August Doorbell Cam to see and speak to visitors before you let them in with your August Smart Lock. Sold separately

Refer to the PDF named “Other content” below for compatibility details of the product. August App is available for download via Apple Store or Google Play. Requires iOS 9.0 or higher, or Android 5.0 or higher

Requires 4 AA batteries. Included in box for initial install & use

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10 reviews for August Smart Lock + Connect Wi-Fi Bridge, Satin Nickel, Works with Alexa, Keyless Home Entry from Anywhere – –

  1. Phil

    The is the second lock I got for my patio door. I was trying to decide if I wanted to add a wireless camera system like an Arlo, but decided that I already have a system in place albeit its not the clearest picture.This oval model doesn’t have the auto unlock feature, which is really helpful if you have a couple bags of grocery in both your hands and cant easily get to your keys… but the circular lock I have is set to the front door. I just wanted to know when and if the back door is being manually unlocked.It is really easy to install. The August app gives you good visual of what to do. Only complaint is the location of the door sense which needs to be parallel next to the bottom of the lock.If you already have a lock on your app with a connect, you’ll want to install the door lock first and add it to the august app before you add the connect for it. Also, if the calibration fails, just close out the August app and restart it. I have found that the app really is the one that has the issue. Once you do that, its really easy to calibrate.Battery life on the front door last about a year for me. The app notified me when I needed to replace the 4 AA batteries. This model has 4 AA batteries also. Hopefully it will last as long if not longer than the front door one that gets higher traffic.

  2. G. Watson

    I waited a long time to finally buy an remote lock and I’ve more happy with it than I thought. I don’t use the bluetooth mode which may work for folks in apartments but I don’t want my front-door to unlock just because I drive into the garage. The wifi connect works really well and remotely checking on the status of the door or letting my brother-in-law in is really great. My son no longer has to worry about taking a key or using the garage code and I’ve been using it when going for a run without my keys.Installation was not perfect even though the app does a great job of walking you through it. I had to tweak the lock manually but it might have me not following the directions. If your deadbolt is at all hard to lock (i.e. if the door needs to be lifted to latch or something) then this might not work. That said, although my deadbolt can be a bit hard to lock, the unit never seems to have a problem.

  3. Felix Ramirez

    This has been the best purchase for our Airbnb yet. I soley give August home credit to making our Airbnb experience amazing.1. You can check who and when someone has entered your home.2. You can see if someone had left your door open (The number of people who do this is ridiculous – buying a self closing door now)3. Auto lock is fantastic. Although I have experienced locks that autolock almost instantly. I set mine to 30 seconds, I thought I would hate this. But because you can always see in app if the door is closed or not, it brings so much piece of mind.4. Integration with Airbnb. I can’t even start just how amazing this is. I literally don’t ever have to manually write out codes and expires when the guest checks out. That amount of automated security is priceless.5. Being able to do this all the across the world. My wife and I travel a lot. It’s the best thing in the ever to be able to grant/revoke access, see an activity log of door opening/closing, and see the battery life of all your components .. all while being 5,000 miles away from home.

  4. andrew

    This is a great investment, I am really glad I made the decision to get this set. The setup is easily explained thought the app so it takes minutes after the 15 minute install of the deadbolt to have everything working. Once you set this up it works flawlessly, it notifies you when the door is unlocked whether it’s used manually, though the app or if you had it set to automatically lock and unlock. If the app is used to lock or unlock it even tells you who did it. This to me is so well worth every penny and I will be getting another for my back door soon.

  5. Tom

    This is the August lock to buy.I love my Gen1 and Gen2 locks, but this one is friendlier for folks with small hands (turning that giant cylinder can be a challenge) or the elderly. Having the simple bar to spin keeps the user experience normal for those who don’t like change.The August Connect module is a bit funny. I first installed it about 2.5 feet from the lock, through a wall of simple wood studs and drywall. The Connect module couldn’t find the lock at all. Then I installed is 3 feet away behind a giant metal washer and dryer, and it found the lock perfectly fine with a strong signal. I’m so confused, but whatever. Just be aware that the module can act weird.This thing works great at sensing when I arrive home and unlocking the door, much better than the Gen1 and Gen2 devices. The auto lock feature also seems to work smoother, and the monitor for leaving the door open works flawlessly. I get alerts if the door is left open, when it eventually closes, and when the lock is manually locked or unlocked (using any method other than the app or the automatic sequence).Best of all, it doesn’t try to lock the deadbolt when the door is open. That was my biggest complaint about the older devices, and they’ve fixed it perfectly.Cannot recommend this August lock (over the others) highly enough.

  6. Allie

    I absolutely LOVE this lock. Needed to watch a YouTube video to get it installed. No instructions were included, but once on, it is amazing. I never need a key. I use my phone to lock and unlock the front door. It is perfect for rental properties or if you rent out rooms. You can create different profiles for different renters , giving everyone their own individual door code. Codes are easy to change or delete. No worries of renters making extra copies of your keys or losing their key. Ditto for kids or neighbors you want to give access to your house. or AirBnB rentals.

  7. TreeDoc

    Ordered the unit and was excited to receive it so I studied the installation diligently and prepared my dead bolt for easy, smooth operation as required. Got the unit in 2 days only to find a previously opened box, no outer sleeve identifying the product. The batteries were already installed with tabs pulled and there was no Door Sense apparatus and only 1 green conversion adapter and I needed yellow. Disappointing to say the least. I exercised the option to call Amazon for help and that went quite well. A brand new untouched unit came 2 days later. Installed in 10 minutes, easy peasy. I interfaced with the Connect wi-fi as well as the remote keypad I bought separately. All was very simple with minimal head scratching. I also interfaced with our SimpliSafe alarm system and that really tops off the arrangement. We have an original SimpliSafe, not their newest and their new, similar locking device will NOT interface with my generation of alarm system. I remembered seeing August as a compatible unit so that’s where we went.Now, I have a whole bunch of cool ways to exit and enter my house. So far, only days into this, the app has been functioning properly on Android and I am using the auto-lock/auto-open feature and loving it. It seems that this is going to work very nicely for our home.

  8. ByteDr

    If you can remove/drive a screw, have a #1 Phillips Screwdriver, follow instructions – you can install this lock. If you have problems doing this – find an 8 year old help. Biggest problem was with the hub, and getting Alexa to be comfortable with it. I’m still working on one or two settings, but hey, I’m 72 years old. I definitely think it is a worthwhile device, and recommend it highly.

  9. Ken

    After several months in use, these two locks that I purchased are working very reliably. I chose to interface my locks with my home security system, and that makes the set up very capable. In this way, I can unlock the doors remotely by simply turning off my alarm system.The physical installation of the locks is very simple. However, the software is a bit unfriendly in the sense that any interruption of the process, in terms of exiting the application, requires one to start over again. Suggest using one device to facilitate the software and a smart phone to receive the code that is sent to you.That sad, the installation app is very detailed and helpful, providing easy to follow visual instructions. The fact that this lock works well with your existing dead bolt is a fantastic feature that minimizes overall costs as well as installation time. One should be able to install this lock in about ten minutes.

  10. Suchermon

    This lock really took minutes to install with my limited locksmith skill. As in I replaced my first 2 locks before installing this. The instructions from their app is clear and super easy to follow. Then the setup process for the lock after installing was also very intuitive and simple. Best part? It doesn’t need WiFi connection if you have the hub and it even works with iWatch! So you don’t have to whip out your phone!– EDITED to include more details –I installed this lock at my new house and we don’t have WiFi yet, but this lock works on Bluetooth as well so even better! With WiFi you can control the lock with Alexa or Google Assistant. Personally, I find the nicest feature of this lock is that you can lock/unlock manually and with your existing deadbolt key. So if the batters are dead, no Bluetooth or WiFi, you can still get in. Besides, it’s less obvious comparing other Smart Locks out there since it goes on top of an existing deadbolt. It’s a bit bulky but it’s not that bad.The Bluetooth works really well, especially their Auto-unlock feature. It will automatically unlock the door for you when you’re in proximity of the Connect hub. This bundle came with sensors that can tell you whether your door was not completely locked or left ajar for a set period of time. My door doesn’t close really well so the sensor is perfect for this. The sensor is also very easy to install and calibrate as well. So far, I have no issues and the signal is really good.You can invite other owners to a specific August lock, set a duration of an invited guest for the lock (perfect for like AirBnB or house sitter).

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