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Add an August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge (sold separately) to remotely lock/unlock and monitor your door as well to integrate with Alexa, Google Assistant, Airbnb, Home Away Simplisafe and others.

Secure, keyless entry for your smart home. Lock and unlock your door, control, keyless access and keep track of who comes and goes, all from your phone. Works with your existing single-cylinder deadbolt

Keep your existing lock and keys. Easily attaches to your existing deadbolt, so everyone can still use their keys.

Send guest keys from anywhere instantly—all from the August app.

Control access for anyone. Grant access for a few weeks, a few hours, a few minutes. It’s up to you.

Be sure you are secure in Door Sense. Only August has Door Sense to tell you the door is completely closed and locked.

Locks automatically as you leave and unlocks when you arrive.

Simple, DIY installation. Install in about 10 minutes with just a screwdriver.

Connect your August smart lock to Alexa to Lock, unlock and check lock status. Alexa can also provide notifications when your battery is running low so you can proactively replace them. Set up smart reorders through dash replenishment to make sure you always have replacement batteries when you need them.

August Smart Lock

August Smart Lock With Bridge

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10 reviews for August Smart Lock – Keyless Home Entry with Your Smartphone – Silver – –

  1. Mark P.

    Bought this a few weeks ago. I had bought it because we burn thru keys. Now I just send an invite. I have not WiFi’d it. You have to careful with the lock adapters. They give you three different versions but of course none fit my lock. I was OK with that because it was time to change it out. I just made sure the new one fit one of the adapters. Installation is easy. Watch some of the You Tube videos. The lock and app are not overly complicated. I liked that. All in all it is well built and I think it will last a good long time. So far the batteries have held up OK. I do recommmend this product for ease of use, easy install and a simple app.

  2. Ryusho

    This thing was incredibly easy to install, no wires to hook up no major locksmith knowledge required. All you need is a Phillips screw drive and which way to turn it to remove and then reinstall the screws of existing deadbolt.I received no product, no endorsement, and no compensation, nor any arm twisting for this honest review.

  3. sean herbert

    Following instructions in the August app with it’s animated videos, made the install easy. Everything was up and running in about 20min. The auto unlock feature has worked every time so far. I might be lucky, my router is on the other side of a wall, 5 feet from my front door. It’s been just over a week and overall I’m very happy. Although I did have one small issue (see photos). My original deadbolt had one inch of throw. After installing the August, I had 5/16”. The lock was still catching the latch, but only just. I contacted August customer support and they wrote back usually within 24 hrs. After a couple emails, they gave me a procedure for adjusting the throw. I’ll post that here, as I couldn’t find anything on the net. Hope it helps someone.Take the lock off the door, turn your deadbolt with the key to where the spindle is vertical. (90 degrees from where it was, if horizontal) The spindle is the part that the plastic adaptor is attached to, on the deadbolt. Once you have the spindle turned, put the plastic adaptor and smart lock back on the door.Now you need to do a motor reset.With the lock back on the door turn the tum latch clockwise until it stops, once it stops apply a little bit of pressure until you hear the motor whine if it doesn’t whine turn it counter clockwise until it wines.Now recalibrate the lock with the August app and your good to go.

  4. DataComa

    In the past I was renting out an old bed from another landlord and he used the August Lock Pro and the August Lock you see pictured for his guests. He also had a keypad and I always found that the app was easy to use so I decided when setting up my own property I would consider August as an option. Unfortunately, my local hardware store didn’t carry the August lock and in my experience the other available methods of traditionally providing guest access keys and so forth involved replacing the deadbolt so I figured I would give August Lock a try.The August lock installation is definitely a PLUS considering that you can use the existing lock that comes with your door and only substitute the big silver box over the lock itself (the turn from your key is under their logo as pictured).However, the wings that will fit around the “housing” can not go over any other obstruction as the lock is a “tight fit” around this metal “housing” to ensure it’s place on the door.The lock has worked reliably thus far. I know people have complained about battery life in the past however I cannot be the one to argue since the lock is functional and replacing the batteries is convenient (under the logo). I suppose rechargeable AA will have to suffice.

  5. LMS

    I bought this lock almost exclusively for the auto unlock feature. I do no want the auto lock feature because I don’t want to be outside and get locked out and frankly, for personal use, the wifi bridge is unnecessary unless you continuously forget to lock your door and want a way to check. In my opinion, that is more of a convenience gimmick than a practical feature outside of a rental property.When I installed the lock and set up the auto unlock feature, it worked well for a few days then began to work sporadically. After some tinkering, here is how I’ve gotten the feature to work reliably:- Add ALL of your WiFi networks to the app. I have a mesh WiFi system and although no other device I have distinguishes between the 5Ghz and the 2.4Ghz networks, I noticed that when I got home and auto unlock didn’t work, I went into the settings and saw my network not connected and a network with the identical name showed as connected. I added both and that helped immediately.- Remove the August app from your phone’s battery monitoring. In Android devices at least, your phone is almost guaranteed to auto close apps that are “monitored” to help improve battery life. I added the August app to the “not monitored” apps to keep it from force closing the app and it has worked perfectly since then.

  6. Lauren

    I’m super sad but my deadbolt isn’t actually compatable with this lock. I didn’t know until I was trying to assemble. The instructions are awesome, and their customer service is amazing. I contacted them to discuss my lock and they couldn’t have been nicer.I included a photo of my deadbolt and the 3 only adapters that come with the lock. If you have a deadbolt like mine it will not work with the generation 3.Excellent quality but my deadbolt isn’t compatable. I still wanted to review the product because it is such good quality.

  7. Adam M. Cain

    I have been using the 3rd Gen smart lock with the August Connect Wifi Bridge for about 3 months now. I found it very easy to install. The entire process of installing the lock and setting up the wifi bridge took about 15-20 minutes. I use the auto-unlock feature and about 90% of the time I do not have to even take my phone out to unlock the door upon arriving home. Additionally, I use Google Assistant almost exclusively to lock the door upon laving my house. I have found the “Door Sense” feature very reliable with only a handful of false positives. My only complaint is that it that unlocking the door with Google Assistant is apparently not yet supported.There is one critical caveat to how well the smart lock functions, and I suspect it is the reason for many of the negative reviews. If you have an older house, doors that do not sit well in the frame, thick weather stripping, or anything else that prevents your door from easily closing and aligning the deadbolt you will have issues. You door should not require ANY finessing to get the deadbolt to easily engage. A small misalignment can easily prevent the smart lock from locking/unlocking the door.

  8. J. Gardner

    I installed a 1st-gen August smart lock three years ago, on a high-usage door in our church. If you’ve ever tried to manage keys for a church, you know how much trouble can be avoided by using an electronic lock, and a static keypad is a security hassle. The August lock was definitely used & abused much more severely than it would ever be on a typical home — unless you have a couple hundred people coming and going all the time! It finally died (Bluetooth stopped working altogether), and I replaced it with this 3rd-gen “basic” August lock. This one fits & looks better on the door, and operates just like a “normal” deadbolt latch (less confusing to non-techies). Hopefully it will last longer than the first one, but even if we just get three years out of it, that’s about fifty bucks a year, which is MUCH less expensive than re-keying all the locks.

  9. Morse Wheeler

    My main purpose for the August lock is to avoid hiding a key outside in the event I lock myself out. It iwas exactly that situation that prompted me to get this lock —a somewhat expensive solution to a simple problem, but, hey, I was never accused of being all that bright.Installation is a breeze, and setup through the app is equally easy and fast. From unboxing to using it the first time was less than 15 minutes. The app itself walks you through the physical installation with clear pix and well thought-out description. For my KwikSet lock, it was only a matter of taking out 2 long screws and putting them back in again.For locking and unlocking, your phone and the lock communicate by bluetooth, and with my iPhone 7, it works perfectly to at least 50 feet that I can attest to (I haven’t checked it any farther than that distance).I’ve been using it for about 10 days so I can’t speak to longevity, but it seems exactly what it says it is and it is exactly what I wanted.

  10. FedGirl

    Absolutely love the lock. Friends love it too and several have purchased one after accessing my house via the app. Love the lock and the general features. I travel a lot for work, so the ability to provide access and the notification when used, limiting the hours and days, has been wonderful.The Auto Unlock feature doesn’t work consistently and is the only reason I gave it 4 stars on lock features. I would give 4.5 if I could. I initially thought the auto lock was GREAT… buy changed my mind, too high a risk of being locked out leaving without phone. This feature is only a good option if you get the keypad unlock option (additional charge).The instructions were a little intimidating so I paid a handyman to install. A friend, who is handy had no trouble installing his. Again, if I could give 4.5 I would. I haven’t used the Alexa feature.

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