The best smart speakers for your home in 2022

Those tiny puck-shaped or pillar-shaped smart speakers sitting on your desk do much more than play your favorite tunes. From answering your silly questions to looking up recipes and even sending stuff to your Android TV boxes , they’ve become far more capable than they used to be a few years ago. Your smart speaker […]

Cubo Ai Plus smart baby monitor review: An adorable option that could use more smarts

Useful alert settings for both newborns and toddlers Charming design No visible red light Settings in app are easy to change Sleep analytics summary lacks video Finding key moments in video is time consuming The floor stand is wobbly Temperature dongle is easy to lose Camera Range: 135-inch wide angle lens Handheld Monitor: N/A Mobile […]

What is a smart speaker? Why you need one and which one to buy

We’ve recommended smart speakers for a whole range of purposes in home automation: Now it’s time to take a step back and cover some of the big questions: What is a smart speaker and why is it such an important part of the modern smart home? We’re tackling every question you may have about smart […]

X-Sense Smart Video Doorbell VD2 review: Mundane looks, solid operation

The X-Sense Smart Video Doorbell VD2 is the budding smart home brand’s second porch-guardian effort (we never reviewed its earlier model). The VD2 is a capable if utilitarian offering that requires low-voltage wiring—there’s no battery option—but it otherwise has a solid feature set, including onboard storage. The rectangular device has a familiar design, all black […]

What is Smart Clothing Technology and How Does it Work?

Modern fabric technology includes the intelligent modification of clothes to produce a determined effect. Clothes can be re-designed with the aid of technology to change colors, block sunlight, collect medical data , emit vibrations, or even display custom messages. Here are some of the most amazing advancements in fabric technology and smart fabrics. Chain mail-based […]